Hello! I’m Olli Heino, a music composer/producer, musician and sound designer from Tampere, Finland.

Working with music has been a big part of my life for the past 20 years or so. I’ve worked on numerous projects, ranging from client work to solo material and my (now-disbanded) band Ember Falls. I graduated from my music production studies (Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor of Media & Arts) in May 2023 and soon after leveled up my part-time entrepreneurship into Pale Bloom Audio.

I love telling stories through music and sound and I’m very enthusiastic about the possibilities of adaptive music. So much so, that I ended up writing my bachelor’s thesis about adaptive music as a narrative device.

My mission is to provide indie developers with the possibilities of adaptive music through services in music design, composition and production. Drop me a message through the contact page and let’s discuss the needs of your project!


"Music is a vital part of the parkour experience in Supermoves. With Olli, we managed to find an extraordinary partner who not only deeply understood our vision for the game, but is helping us elevate it throughout the experience with unique music that adapts to every situation in the game. ”

-Tomi Toikka, CEO & Creative Director at Makea Games

"Olli Heino? Dude's a rockstar! Makes killer music (and sound design!) from moody ambience to bangers that get stuck in your head. We've worked with Olli on various genres (action, adventure, and horror), always focusing on adaptive music that seamlessly evolves with player actions. Olli is THE person to work with on game audio: always positive, down to earth, and a true expert in his field!"

-Sahin Cengiz, Co-founder & CEO at Red Stage Entertainment

"Olli brought his experience and his competence in Dealer's Life Legend. Working with him is a pleasure, he excels at translating our thoughts and ideas into a compelling sound experience. He communicates very well and actively seeks feedback throughout the process. He is also very proactive in finding areas where sound could improve the player experience, sharing with us ideas and advices."

-Giulio Marra, Co-founder & CEO at Abyte Entertainment